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Had that happen a while back 2 truckers blocking both lanes for miles. Then finally one merged into the other lane. Cars and trucks full of road rage triumphantly speed around the offending truckers honking horns and showing off their sign language fluency. I pulled in behind the trucks not wanting to deal with the few dozen angy speeding motorists. At the top of the next hill was a speed trap that took pictures of speeding cars. Scared the crap out of me initially because I had no idea why there were flashing white lights above the roadway. (My state doesn’t have camera speed traps.

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I too had an experience like this, coming east out of Fargo on I-94. Two idiot truckers thought it was funny to have an elephant race, and held up miles of traffic behind them. I got wildly impatient, as did the rest of the massive line of vehicles, and I make my way over to the right shoulder, and passed them and the 6 other cars in front of me. I flipped off both drivers and continued speeding for another 70 miles or so. The only other person that I saw that passed them.

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