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Same with “the war on terror”, we’ll happily spend trillions and ultimately create more terrorists and that’s fine with this group of people but if you dare to suggest we should provide aid to help stabilize those countries, or accept refugees caused by our actions they’ll become apoplectic and call you all kinds of names. Yep. Some rich guy paid to provide IUDs and other birth control to teens in Colorado at no cost, Both abortions and teen pregnancies dropped dramatically.

Baby Familia Dinossauro Not The Mama Shirt

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When you accounted for the cost of the IUDs and accompanying ob/GYN exams, plus the projected cost saved in the lifetime social services needed by so many teen mothers, plus their kids increased usage of those social services throughout their lives… It was a no brainer. It has been known that every dollar spent on reproductive healthcare returns many times its value in savings and societal benefit. But that’s the most recent and clear illustration.

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