Diamond Peace Love Boo Boo Crew Ghost Nurse Halloween Shirt

People have a lot more power than they think, and it’s the idea that they are helpless that makes them so. Case in point, when millions of people think their vote doesn’t matter, they don’t vote, and it actually changes the outcome. Even at a personal level, most (not all, but most) situations that people feel like they have no control over, they actually do have the power to change. A good example is a movie, Don’t Think Twice. It’s about an improv group where one person becomes famous and it sort of asks why.

Diamond Peace Love Boo Boo Crew Ghost Nurse Halloween Shirt


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You can do everything the right way and still arrive at the “wrong” outcome. That doesn’t make you inferior, it’s just the way this unpredictable life rolls sometimes. If it means that much to you, try it again. If it doesn’t, re-direct your efforts into something else that does. The only true “wrong” answer is to survive one defeat and let it define you for the rest of your life

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