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Well considering 2020 has had something crazy happen almost every month, this is what I’d propose: Jan) rather than crazy bush fires in Australia, they invent an effective eradication method for Covid-19. 99% effective that basically reduces it to a cold, it’s released to the world and enables all countries to stabilize. Feb-Mar) unprecedented global free trade deals between most major powers, enabling nearly every country to financially recover and begin to prosper after 2020Apr-may) the top 10% wealthiest people in the world decide to donate 10% of their funds back to society as a thank

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June-July) Peace in the Middle East. The people of the middle eastern countries, fed up with their quality of life, finally get peace. The rebuilding of many destroyed city’s and towns, a major upgrade to infrastructure in the areas. Aug-Oct) cure for some forms of cancer is finally achieved. Mass rollout across the world, breakthroughs in other cancer treatments. Nov-Dec) contact with our first Alien race, peaceful negotiations begin along with the trade of information and technology. A new age of enlightenment begins.

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