Happy Isu Good Times 2020 Shirt

I kept passing over the thumbnail on Netflix and finally gave it a go. Anya Taylor-Joy and the actress that played younger Beth did an incredible job portraying a deeply troubled and, at times, triumphant, a character with great tension in each scene. I have not been so pleasantly surprised by a show and individual performance in a TV show in a LONG time. Highly recommend.

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A friend recommended this show, which is admittedly awesome, but it opened a lot of emotions for me. My big brother was a Master in tournament chess, and a Grandmaster in Postal Chess (yes, that was a thing before the internet). I grew up with him teaching me when I was 7 and he was 11, in the 60s. He died by suicide in 2012 after his fourth volunteer tour in Afghanistan with the Army Corp of Engineers.

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