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Game Theory. I liked the Mathematical aspect of it. Like, how Colombia could sustain itself in the air or how much the Diamond armor in Minecraft was worth. How about the leap of faith from Assassin’s creed? Then came the fnaf theories which were ok. I watched them although i didn’t care about the game then the fnaf style theories became the channel’s identity. Gone were the numbers and all of that it just became a theory channel that just looked at Twitter posts or any other written information on the internet. Then there was film theory which I really liked for the first 5-10 uploads or so. Then that content turned to shit as well imo. I don’t really remember why though.

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There were things like “Which Link is the best of them all” before fnaf, which had a similar style but was still different just because of the censorship over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them. I’d do the same thing. I have nothing against the people either. I still like Matt from how he represents himself in streams and such. The suicide of the Editor was sad, the birth of Matt’s child was a happy moment, and so on. I’m not subscribed but I still get videos of the big things like those that I mentioned above and I click on them with pure nostalgia just to know what’s up. I’m not watching content related videos of them anymore.

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