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That sometimes scared me about the reasoning of some religious people, that without these life rules and guidelines everything would turn into chaos because ‘there’s no reason to not do it’. Like all morality stems from religion. So like, if you didn’t believe in the bible? you would be stealing and murdering? That would make me more worried about the morality of that person. Admittingly the promise of a heaven or hell could have a motivating effect, but God is also very forgiving so… Idk. At the end of the day I think it’s weird some people think morality can’t exist without religion. You don’t have to be religious to understand fucking over other people is wrong.

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Most Christians don’t even read the Bible, so one can assume they aren’t automatically good people either. a lot of evangelicals read the Bible, but they do so via reading guides that cherry-pick scriptural references and have something of a mantra when it comes to the contradictions and concealing them via ignorance. I was taught that atheists can still be good people because the ideas of morality derived from scripture are still instilled in them indirectly. Thing is that’s not even necessarily wrong if you forget to consider parts of the world that don’t have many ideas of morality derived indirectly from scripture… And people there are generally fine as well. It’s a really slick argument at the moment though.

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