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It’s important to remember little things. I always think of it in terms of food. Like yes, the perfect is cooking a healthy meal, but even a frozen pizza is better than ordering McDonald’s. Whilst this is a great frame of mind on a personal level, I don’t think this applies in this case, where we have a system of government that believes homeless people don’t deserve help and of they’d only get a job they could afford a house. At the same time cutting the NHS to the point, they can’t offer basic services, let alone mental health treatment.

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Here in the US, it’s not just the government, it’s the culture. People, on a fairly large scale, simply don’t believe people deserve things that they have. They are so bitter that they have to pay so much to live a comfortable life that they resent anyone living “better” than they are, so they’d rather those people get nothing. Or, my favorite, “I saw that person that time abusing [insert government service], therefore this is why we should cut these services”.

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