Love Cu Vs Bc Tiger Halloween Shirt

So get on the road and head to the hotel. Halfway there I decide to open the sunroof which is super hard with like 6 latches, and the fucking thing flies off. There’s no hinges or anything on the sunroof, it’s just a big piece of plastic that’s completely unsecured. Luckily it was a 30mph road so there were just scrapes on it.

Love Cu Vs Bc Tiger Halloween Shirt

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Fly On Mike Pence Head Biden Harris Shirt

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I had a trip out to Utah, and the rental place didn’t have any other SUVs on the lot. They offered a Wrangler and I figured it would be fun. Lot was empty so I spend a little bit driving over the curbs in their lot and they come running out like madmen telling me to stop. It’s a Jeep and yet it can’t drive over small bumps?

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