Nice 2020 Jack Flaherty Throws Gas Shirt

What pissed Comcast off the Nice 2020 Jack Flaherty Throws Gas Shir most is that Netflix can. The same thing they do except cheaper because Netflix doesn’t. Maintain miles and miles of cable plant but it’s not Netflix’s fault that Comcast didn’t seize. The opportunity when they had the chance and decided to get greedy with their legacy systems. So instead of trying to compete with Netflix when they became successful Comcast came up with Hulu which gets full bandwidth and throttled Netflix to hinder their service. Comcast is acting like an entitled child and IMO it should be illegal if you don’t wanna progress that’s fine but don’t try to hold the rest of the country back because you wanna cash in on your old junk. Hence the reason most people decide to just STFU about the issues. The current state of lobbying and our government in general is just a total shit show.

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