Nice Bowling 2 Bowl Or Not Bowl Stupid Question Shirt

The thought of Mexicans eating Taco Bell makes me laugh uncontrollably. Most of our so-called “authentic” Mexican restaurants aren’t even all that authentic. If I had daily access to a real Mexican taco, why would I ever want any of the gut-wrenching laxatives from Taco Bell’s menu where everything is covered in Dorito’s Dust? Has Taco Bell ever claimed to Be Authentic Mexican food? Though I will say their items over the past few years has turned to shit. They sell absolute garbage and it’s overpriced for sure. Wait, are you telling me the Grande El Chocorito Loco Deluxe Crunchwrap Suprimo Magnifico con Queso is not a traditional Mexican dish

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It used to be cool to experience other cultures. When I was growing up you got made fun of if you didn’t try different foods and media. Now it’s “appropriation” because crazy leftists think everything is racist. Yeah!! I’m so tired of it. If someone is interested in exploring my “culture”, by all means, please do. I partake in my culture because I love it and would be happy to see someone else do the same. I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure there was another attempt at taco carts in Mexico in 1985-87. I worked at Taco Bell and recall an issue of “The Line: The magazine of Taco Bell people” that my manager got that mentioned it. The cover story was about the first Taco Bell in London.

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