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Can I ask you a question? Obviously, this is just your own experience, but I’ve been questioning for years if I might be on the ASD spectrum. As a woman, I know it presents differently and is often underdiagnosed but I see several of the characteristics in me. One of those is generally being uncomfortable with touch and the way you describe it (as a deep discomfort) sounds very familiar to me.

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Lose Your Mind Find Your Soul Shirt- Design By Romancetees.comBut my question is, do you find exceptions to that rule? I ask because I’ve always been very physically affectionate with my sister, but she’s basically the only person that I feel very comfortable with physical contact with. Just wondering if that’s something you’ve experienced as well.are so good for just providing pure love and affection and support when you really need it. I’m glad you have such a good friend.

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