Nice Sorry Merica’s Full Trump Parody Of Shitter’s Full Shirt

I am a catholic and I wholeheartedly agree with this. Put it on and move on. I everyone had worn them from the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this pile of shit. Anyway, thank you for coming to my TED talk. I’ve been trying to figure out the reasoning behind anti-maskers and Pope’s nails it on the head. It’s not that they mean harm (they do harm) but they simply cannot think outside themselves. Anti-masking moms don’t want their kids wearing masks in schools because “oh they would be terrified” or whatever but really, they don’t take the time to listen to their own children. Children are resilient and are able to understand.

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Sorry Merica’s Full Trump Parody Of Shitter’s Full Shirt - Desisn By

It’s so surreal to me that this is actually a major point of contention for some people. That politics has become so polarising, that something as simple and basic as keeping ourselves and each other safe has become a political tool to widen the divide even further. Just wear a fucking mask. Here you’re covering your face with a piece of fucking fabric. It’s not even like anyone’s policing the KIND of mask you wear. So even if you’re one of these people convinced that a mask somehow makes it hard to breathe with your asthma even the lunacy that is anti-vax seems sane in comparison, because at least there I can sort of understanding why some people fear putting chemicals into their body that they don’t quite understand and have been told could be harmful.

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