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Don’t get me Premium Great Ramen Wave Classic Shirt wrong, it would be insanely bad, but phone calls, disaster control, and bare-basic necessities would be met for most if not all people living in more developed nations. The amount of people affected by a storm like that would go down significantly for populations not reliant or having minimal access to technology.
It’s only been recorded twice, in two lakes very close to each other. It’s exceptionally rare are requires incredibly specific circumstances, such as proximity to volcanic activity, and a lake where the deeper waters and shallow waters never mix (~99.9% of lakes mix at least once a year). It also must have a cool lake bed despite being in an area with high volcanic activity.
I’ve been waiting for a post about academia ever since I learned about this sub. My advisor was awful and I have so many stories I could share. He once called a lab meeting to scream at all the grad students for leaving early because he learned that a student in a different lab was regularly leaving at 5 PM. None of us did that, which he should have known because he was in the lab too, but that didn’t stop him.Premium Great Ramen Wave Classic ShirtBuy It: Premium Great Ramen Wave Classic Shirt

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