Traveling East Interstate East 357 Shirt

Coming out of my cave for a moment here. It’s not the coffee, though it truly matters, the way you treat the bean. The fight against bitterness is best fought by not bringing any part of your conically burr ground, locally roasted, $16-$22/lb Brazilian 1100 meter bean, past 190 degrees F. This is done with a press, an AeroPress for me, at the highest medium grind setting, with water at 190 exactly, steeped for 90 seconds and stirred for the first 30-40 seconds while pouring the water, to assure a more uniform application of the heat to the bean.

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Traveling East Interstate East 357 Shirt

This is a science, more than an art, and also only makes one 16oz cup of coffee (actually, it makes 2 espressos, which you dilute with leftover hot water to make a 16oz cafe Americana, or coffee as we know it here in the USA. At that price, I’m paying less per month for an exceptionally non-bitter potent brew, than anyone buying a medium coffee at the Dunks every workday. But, it’s work, and you have to create your process. Pourovers and cold brews also should be very low/no bitterness, but time/temp/grind are the factors that determine the amount of extraction and how much bitterness. Surprised this is not already written here. Maybe I’m missing the joke.

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